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Here’s a written version for my YouTube Video.

Q1. What is your name?

My name Jessica, You can call me Jess, unless you’re a family member ie. Mum, Dad & Grandparents, It’s Jessica.

Q2. Where are you from?

I am from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. Many have said that I have a Lincolnshire Accent, but I just really try my best to sound British as I grew up watching American Disney TV Shows.

Q3. Is this your first channel?

When I was fourteen, I tried to make a channel, with me singing and trying to ‘inspire’, but someone from my school found it and made fun of me. I then I told people that if they wanted to hear me sing to come up to me (they never did) I did take down the video as it knocked my confidence and have been wanting to restart again, but without singing.

Q4. What does your username mean?

My Username Honeymoonbeauty originally was a catchy name for my social media, especially my Instagram.  I have recently seen this quote which mentions about how beauty isn’t all about makeup, fashion etc. and how it’s about inner beauty. This channel will be used to express myself and to show a side of me which I have never shown before.

Q5. What is your channel about?

On my channel you will find, The obvious beauty videos (it’s in my name) however I am not a pro and I’m still learning. You will see the fun side, possible fun and games. My cousins are always asking when we can film the Bean Boozled Challenge and the Chubby Bunny Game. You will also see me doing storytimes and personal talks.  I also hope that my content will grow when people like what they see.  I know I seem to be like every YouTuber out there but I hope you see something in me and want to watch my videos.

Q6. Why should anyone subscribe to your channel?

Don’t feel the need to subscribe and don’t be forced. I hope you find an interest in my videos, and I hope most of you can relate to me as I do with the channels I subscribe to.

Q7. Where do you see yourself and your YouTube channel in 5 years?

Me? I’m not sure, I hope I am doing what I love and no longer procrastinate on things I want to do currently.  As well as having a good income as I’m currently unemployed.

My Channel? If youtube is strong & I have managed to handle my channel, I do hope my channel has given me opportunities. I don’t like looking back or ahead of myself but overall I want to be

I don’t like looking back or ahead of myself but overall I want to be happy and I hope those around me are also happy.

Q8. What inspired you to start making videos?

Before I decided that I want to make videos, many know that I have an account on Instagram which has been around for 2 years now (although recently I haven’t posted) making these videos was down to someone who asked on one of my Instagram posts where I found the ‘Berry Bomb’ Electro Baby Lips in the video. I replied and ‘Stalked’, I saw she was making these videos and I too took an interest as I was studying beauty and I had experience in little editing (My cringey days on twitter as a Kim Kardashian Holywood character account) So I gave it a try. Although I found myself older than most in the ‘Beauty Community’ and viewing arguments. I wanted to move to YouTube however I never felt that push. I felt I was waiting for the day to even make this video.

Q9. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

DoddleOddle – I found Dodie myself last year and was able to relate to her songs and content.

QCKND – Although she talks the most about being tattooed and I don’t have tattoos nor see myself getting one. I seem to be attracted to her videos, I feel like we relate in some way.

Jessie Paege – We connect with our social awkwardness and her vibrant joyful videos.

Jessii Vee – another Jessie.. (we gotta stick together) I love her storytimes and feel attracted to her content.

There are much more, and those are who I subscribe to, I think that’s available for you to see.

Q10. The best thing I’ve seen on YouTube?

Youtube has its pros. It’s a way for people to find people who are similar. building relationships, being ourselves and getting possible opportunities.

Q11. The worst thing I’ve seen on YouTube?

YouTubecan also have cons. Everyone knows Trolls and Haters exist and they don’t seem to allow you to be you and post what you love. I do know I’ll be hated ‘on’ one day but possibly for things I already know and have known all my life. Also currently Youtube brands are deciding to pull out which isn’t helping those who currently use this as a job but I don’t see this happen to me currently soon.

Q12. What are your goals when it comes to YouTube?

I’m not going to lie my goals are to gain something from this channel, but I currently just want my channel to be fun for me and for me to be myself and to also possibly to inspire others.

Q13. Any advice for new YouTubers?

Do what you love. If you’re that person who really wants to make videos and you’re 13+ please do and don’t delay. I did because of school but I wish I was doing this sooner.

Post what you love but with positive vibes.

Thank you for reading, See you in the future xo

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