Welcome to my Blog!! (First Post)

Hello Beauties, Welcome to my first post on my blog.

I hope you’re well, I have decided to refresh my blogs, merely to look more professional and organised. I am also joining this blog with my website; Click here to view!

If you are wondering who I am, I am an amateur beauty blogger for Instagram, where I make 15-60 second videos for you to watch; My Instagram!

This blog will be used as a written video and personal talks I don’t want to make a video about. I want to be myself, In my current videos, I admit I haven’t been myself, I’ve been following everyone else. I have never felt like I could be me, even when growing I never felt like me. Now, I want to show people another side of me. People would characterise me and judge me on my first impression. However, I want to show you the other side of me not a lot of people have seen.

Hopefully, you find my posts relatable and somewhat inspirational.

See you in the future,

XO Jess

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